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About Us
Message from our CEO

Dear Valued Clients

SaudiProfessional is a Saudi firm specialized in the recruitment of Saudi Nationals. SaudiProfessional is the product of vision of Saudi Government for Saudization policy and challenges facing the companies that wants to hire Saudi Nationals as part of their corporate strategy but unable to do so in the absence of quality Saudi talents in the market.

As specialists in our market, we find that our candidates stay longer and our client relationships are more sustained since we truly understand our clients and candidates requirements. You are guaranteed to have a Consultants who specializes in your particular market sector and who will meet every client and candidate face to face. This expertise has made us an industry barometer. We stay on top by never losing sight of the importance of providing a highly personalized, professional and consultative service to the market. And so, our door is open to you.

SaudiProfessional is the trusted partner of few clients and our continued growth proves that our industry knowledge and passion to provide clients with the best services and talent possible makes us the ultimate choice for innovative hiring solutions.

We look forward to expanding our services as we listen to the needs of our customers and continue to evaluate the rapidly changing marketplace. Above all, we are excited to be your one partner for unparalleled business success.

Yours truly,

Omar M. Azam
CEO - SaudiProfessional

About Us
  • SaudiProfessional is a professionally managed, HR solutions firm, specializing in Real-estate, Hospitality, Trading, Retail, Industrial and IT.
  • We have large dabase of Saudi professionals with profiles ranging from fresh graduate to Senior level.
  • We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients by delivering value-added services of high quality.
Our aim
  • To enable qualified Saudis get employed with suitable jobs in public and private sectors
  • To identify and source the best Saudi candidate at the right time at the right place, maintaining high Standards, Time & Budget.
Our Vision
  • Our vision is to help in recruiting talented Saudi nationals within our client base and help promote the development of Saudi youth and is in line with the Saudization program set by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz
Our Values
We share the common values like:
  • Respect for meritocracy and superior talent. (Meritocracy)
  • Share the concerns of the Client. (Client Focus)
  • Self-regulated and disciplined Professionals. (Discipline)
  • Respect for one's written and spoken words (Credibility)
our strength
  • Our Experienced and specialized vertical specific team helps us to provide the best quality to our Client out of the rest, So that the relationship with our client can grow strong and long lasting.
  • One of our core strength is building long term relationships with our clients. We take the time to learn our client's culture and understand the type of person who is the best fit to be effective in that environment.
our network
  • Our Network has employment opportunities for Saudi Nationals, featuring hundreds of permanent, contract and part time jobs. We are well connected with local, national and international companies throughout Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Our Team
  • Any business activity, to be profitable must have the manpower educated, skilled, trained, experienced, hardworking and loyal. The executives at Best are selected for their wisdom, aggressiveness, personality, strength of character and personal warmth. In the Optimum Jobs team, you find all the characteristics of a worthy business associate and a good friend.
  • We have our own computerized database of candidates across the various functional streams. We have the experts who make exact searches based on your requirements and procure candidates who best meet your job criteria.
  • We have a team of professionals who do all the preliminary screening. We contact and interview candidates regarding their interest and suitability. Only after we are satisfied we send them to you for an interview
Our Candidates
  • Our candidates are rigorously screened and evaluated to suit your organization's specific job skill set and soft skill requirements.
  • Our endeavor is to identify candidates who are talented, creative, committed and energetic, and who will add significant value to the organizations they are placed with.
Our Thoughts
  • We believe that the recruitment process is an ongoing dialogue between you and us. Thus each assignment is the beginning of a new collaboration and given its special due.
  • All our assignments are approached with confidentiality for both our clients and our candidates.
Our Commitment
  • SaudiProfessional is committed to continuously improve and exceed client expectation with respect to timeliness, quality of candidates and ensuring minimal efforts by the client in the selection process
How we are different
  • SaudiProfessional solutions are tailored to fit your business and its needs.
  • SaudiProfessional is Saudi owned and operated.
  • SaudiProfessional was established with strong links with key decision makers and senior executives.
  • SaudiProfessional consult with businesses, not sell to them.
  • SaudiProfessional exceptional Saudi market knowledge.
  • SaudiProfessional passion and commitment to offering a first class service.
  • SaudiProfessional provide the highest level of integrity and confidentiality to client and candidates alike.
  • SaudiProfessional's expertise in locating and separating the best qualified talent.
Besides SaudiProfessional possess:
  • Ability to acteffectively & imaginatively especially under difficult situations.
  • Solid analytical skills.
  • Focused in achieving client and candidate satisfaction.
  • Excellent Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Quick Response Time.
  • Deep-rooted professionalism.
Our Service Philosophy
  • We work closely with corporate management, so that we gain insight into the organization, its business and culture. A client focused innovative approach to research and assessment combined with a high level of ethics and values makes us the mostprogressive firm.
  • We introduce to our clients only those candidates who are professionally and personally compatible with the company.
  • We pride ourselves to maintain at all times the highest professional standards. Complete confidentiality is maintained in our relationship with the client and the candidate.
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