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The Most Important Interview Question
There is one best interview question which should be asked by every candidate in every interview.
Cover Letters Purpose and Structure
Cover letters are not so much a part of your Job Seekers Tool Kit as they are part of the implementation of your overall self marketing strategy. Thatís right - a cover letter is a sales presentation in disguise!
Give Your Resume A Fresh Start!
Now that its September, it feels like a new is beginning. As part of fresh start, it is a good idea to review and improve your resume. Many people ask me, What are some quick and easy things I can do to enhance my resume and get better response. To answer that question, Ive compiled a list of common resume mistakes and quick fixes:
Five Career Tips
The career tips below were transcribed from an interview I did a few years ago when my book was first published (Get The Job You Want, Even When No Oneís Hiring.) The comments I made at that time are just as relevant now as they were then, so I decided to share them with our readers again.
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